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Top End Gasket Kit - Yamaha Warrior 87-04 - 84mm

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OEM Number: C7096
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$52.95 cdn 7

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Product Information

YFM350 Bruin Auto 2x4 (2004-2006)
    YFM350 Grizzly 4x4 Auto (2007-2014)
    YFM350 Grizzly Auto (2007)
    YFM350 Grizzly IRS 4x4 Auto (2007-2012)
    YFM350 Raptor (2004-2013)
    YFM350 Wolverine (2006-2009)
    YFM350F Wolverine 4x4 (1995-2005)
    YFM350FA Bruin Auto 4x4 (2004-2006)
    YFM350FW Big Bear 4x4 (1987-1999)
    YFM350U Big Bear 2x4 (1996-1999)
    YFM350X Warrior (1987-2004)
    YFM400 Big Bear 2x4 (2000-2004)
    YFM400 Big Bear 4x4 (2000-2006)
    YFM400 Big Bear IRS 4x4 (2007-2012)
    YFM400F Kodiak 4x4 (1999)
    YFM450FX Wolverine 4x4 (2006-2010)

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