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OEM Number: 5213
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The DRD Mod Box is an adjustable fuel controller that improves the stock fuel injection map once a rider has modified his airbox, air filter, or purchased an aftermarket exhaust. The adjustable fuel mapping includes three tunable modes depending on terrain, weather, and riding conditions. The Mod Box is easy to install and will instantly provide performance gains for fuel injected models. Fuel Injection is a step forward but stock mapping is just that, stock mapping. If racers choose to modify their ATV or bike, the stock fuel map needs to be reprogrammed to receive the greatest benefit from these modifications. DRD accomplishes this by remapping the stock program, testing a variety of applications and selecting the best map for each model. When a map has passed DRD's Dustin Nelson and Doug Dubach test, the map is programmed into the product-specific DRD Mod Box. Better throttle response, more power, faster top speed, and the convenience of a pre-programmed, thoroughly tested, yet adjustable system, the Mod Box is an essential upgrade for all customers with fuel-injected ATVs or motorcycles.

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