ProX Racing Parts supplies genuine replacement products which meet or exceed OEM quality. Parts for dirt bikes, ATV, PWC, Jetski, Snowmobile, Karting. **NOTE** PLEASE CHECK CATALOGS FOR CORRECT UP-TO-DATE PART NUMBER FOR YOUR APPLICATION

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Atv Utv 2020

Prox Powersport Dirt 2020

Technical 2020

Moped 2020

Snow 2020

Watercraft 2020

Street 2020

Prox Moped Scooter Catalog 2


Pro-X pro x brake caliper rebuild kits

Brake Caliper Rebuild Kits

Pro-X pro x brake discs

Brake Discs

Pro-X pro x brake pads

Brake Pads

Pro-X pro x master cylinder rebuild kits

Master Cylinder Rebuild Kits

Pro-X pro x rear brake pedal rebuild kit

Rear brake Pedal Rebuild Kit


Pro-X pro x clutch cables

Clutch Cables

Pro-X pro x throttle cables

Throttle Cables

Clutch Components

Pro-X pro x clutch baskets

Clutch Baskets

Pro-X pro x clutch cover

Clutch Cover

Pro-X pro x clutch damper rubber

Clutch Damper Rubber

Pro-X pro x clutch plates

Clutch Plates

Pro-X pro x clutch pressure plate

Clutch Pressure Plate

Pro-X pro x clutch spring kits

Clutch Spring Kits

Pro-X pro x clutch basket bolts

Clutch Basket Screws

Pro-X pro x clutch cylinder rebuild kits

Clutch Cylinder Rebuild Kits

Pro-X pro x inner clutch hubs

Inner Clutch Hubs

Pro-X pro x clutch clearance reducer rods

Clutch Clearance Reducer Rods

Pro-X pro x complete clutch kits

Complete Clutch Kits

Pro-X pro x friction clutch plates

Friction Clutch Plates (Individual Plates)

Pro-X pro x friction clutch plate complete set

Friction Clutch Plate Complete Set


Pro-X pro x steering bearing kits

Steering Bearing Kits


Ball Joints

Pro-X pro x tie rod end

Tie Rod End


Pro-X pro x big end crank pins

Big End Crank Pins

Pro-X pro x crankshaft oil seals

Crankshaft Oil Seals

Pro-X pro x ball bearings

Crankshaft & Ball Bearings

Pro-X pro x big end bearings

Big End Needle Cage Bearing

Pro-X pro x crankshaft bearings   seals

Crankshaft Bearings & Seals

Pro-X pro x washers

Connecting Rod Trust Washers

Pro-X pro x connecting rods

Connecting Rods

Pro-X pro x crankshaft


Pro-X pro x crankshaft flywheel web

Crankshaft Flywheel Web

Fuel Management

Pro-X pro x air filters

Air Filters

Pro-X pro x velocity stack

Velocity Stack

Pro-X pro x carburetor rebuild kits

Carburetor Rebuild kits

Pro-X pro x efi controller

EFI Controller

Pro-X pro x carburetor jets

Carburetor Jets


Pro-X pro x clutch cover gaskets

Clutch Cover Gaskets

Pro-X pro x complete gasket sets

Complete Gasket Sets

Pro-X pro x head   base gasket sets

Head & Base Gasket Sets

Pro-X pro x ignition cover gaskets

Ignition Cover Gaskets

Phix Gaskets

Pro-X pro x gasket sets

Gasket Sets

Pro-X pro x top end gasket kits

Top End Gasket Sets


Pro-X pro x piston pin bearings

Piston Pin Bearings

Pro-X pro x circlips

Piston Clips

Pro-X pro x piston kits

Piston Kits

Pro-X pro x piston rings

Piston Rings

Pro-X pro x piston pins

Piston Pins

Pro-X pro x phix piston kits

Phix Piston Kits

Pro-X pro x phix piston rings

Phix Piston Rings


Pro-X pro x front sprockets

Front Sprockets

Pro-X pro x alloy rear sprockets

Alloy Rear Sprockets

Pro-X pro x chain rollers

Chain Rollers

Pro-X pro x countershaft seal kits

Countershaft Seal Kits

Pro-X pro x steel rear sprockets

Steel Rear Sprockets

Pro-X pro x sprocket bolt set

Sprocket Bolt Set

Pro-X pro x chains



Pro-X pro x steel valve   spring kits

Steel Valve & Spring Kits

Pro-X pro x valve stem seals

Valve Stem Seals

Pro-X pro x valve shims

Valve Shims

Pro-X pro x steel valves

Steel Valves

Pro-X pro x titanium valves

Titanium Valves


Valve Spring Kits

Engine Parts

Pro-X pro x waterpump bearings

Water Pump Bearings

Pro-X pro x waterpump rebuild kits

Water Pump Rebuild Kits


Phix Rod kits

Pro-X pro x camshaft chains

Camshaft Chains

Pro-X pro x connecting rod washers

Connecting Rod Washers

Pro-X pro x oil filters

Oil Filters

Pro-X pro x camchains


Pro-X pro x camshafts


Pro-X pro x cylinder sleeves

Cylinder Sleeves

Pro-X pro x phix connecting rods

Phix Connecting Rods

Suspension & Wheels

Pro-X pro x front fork dust cap

Front Fork Dust Cap

Pro-X pro x swingarm bearings oem

Swingarm Bearings OEM

Pro-X pro x a arm bearing kits

A-Arm Bearing Kits

Pro-X pro x upper lower shock bearing

Front Shock Bushing Kit

Pro-X pro x swingarm bearings

Swingarm Bearing Rebuild Kits

Pro-X pro x swingarm linkage bearing kits

Swingarm Linkage Bearing Kits

Pro-X pro x wheel bearings

Wheel Bearings

Pro-X pro x front fork bushings

Front Fork Bushings

Pro-X pro x front fork oil seals

Front Fork Seals

Pro-X pro x rear shock seal head kits

Rear Shock Seal Head Kits

Pro-X pro x swingarm linkage kits

Swingarm Linkage Rebuild Kits

Pro-X pro x fork seal protector

Fork Seal Protector


Differential Bearing Rebuild Kits

Pro-X pro x rear shock bearing kit

Rear Shock Bearing Kit

Pro-X pro x wheel spacers

Motocross Wheel Spacers

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