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Webcam KAWASAKI ZX14 (06-07) DOHC 16V

Application Listing

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Part No. Supplier No. Description
540-60721 Hard Weld Cam (Grind# 549/194, .369/.350) $1,656.00(4) Check Stock
540-60731 Hard Weld Cam (Grind# 227/11I, .383/.358) $1,656.00(4) Check Stock
540-60751 Hard Weld Cam (Grind# 483/536, .395/.378) $1,656.00(4) Check Stock
540-60870 Regrind Cam (Grind# 297/670, .360/.335) $950.00(4) Check Stock
540-CGK03 Cam Gear, Adjustable $150.00(4) Check Stock
540-CJ000 Labor Hard Chrome Journals $804.00(4) Check Stock

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