Thermo-Tec thermo-tec snap strap clamps

Thermo-Tec Snap Strap Clamps

The multi-purpose stainless steel Snap Straps are used to secure the Exhaust Insulating Wrap - and more. 

The high-temperature stainless steel straps have a narrow profile to fit tight spots, and can be cut to the exact length needed. 

Snap Straps secure with easy-to-use slide-through fasteners. 

New precut lengths with tough multi-lock system.

Application Listing

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Part No. Supplier No. Description
741-13101 Snap Strap Clamps - V-8 Kit (8-9" & 4-18") $66.95(6) Check Stock
741-13102 Snap Strap Clamps Stainless Steel - 4(9"), 2(18") $29.95(6) Check Stock
741-13105 Snap Strap Clamps - V-6 Kit (6-9" & 4-18") $43.95(6) Check Stock
741-13150 Snap Strap Clamps - 12 Pack Kit - 9" $52.95(6) Check Stock
741-13160 Snap Strap Clamps - 6 Pack Kit - 18" $38.95(6) Check Stock

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