Durablue anti-fade disk brake hubs (honda)

Durablue Anti-Fade Disk Brake Hubs (Honda)

For Honda's only
  • Anti-Fade Hubs.
  • Draws heat away from
    the Disk Rotor.
  • Stays tightly locked.
  • Billet Aluminum with
    steel inserts at wear
Currently available for only the Honda ATV's, our anti-fade brake hubs consolidate your hub/lock nut assembly down to just 2 parts! We've increased the surface area and diameter of the threads for more clamping force...it increases reliability by staying locked. These are the "pro-look" found on every Professional Bike. 

Made from light-weight billet aluminum with steel inserts at wear areas the IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE of our Brake Hubs is that each of the aluminum components are made from different grades of aluminum which dramatically decreases the likely-hood of "galling" (the transfer of similar metals which causes the part to lockup solid).

Application Listing

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Part No. Supplier No. Description
20-1600 Anti-Fade Brake Hub - Trx250R '86-89 $505.00(6) Check Stock
20-1601 Anti-Fade Brake Hub - Trx250X, Trx300Ex '87-08, Trx300X '09-14 $505.00(6) Check Stock
20-1640 Anti-Fade Brake Hub - Trx400Ex 99-08, Trx400X '09-14 $505.00(6) Check Stock
20-1643 Anti-Fade Brake Hub - Trx450R '04-14 $505.00(6) Check Stock

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