Powermadd sentinel handguards

Powermadd Sentinel Hand Guards

PowerMadd is excited to introduce our latest handguard offering! The Sentinel Handguard is designed to be the most stylish, durable and functional handguard to date. The Sentinel guard is larger compared to the Star Series which in turn gives you more protection. The mounting brackets are 6061 aluminum, while the guard itself is made of two different types of plastic—a stiff two piece spine for durability, and a softer colored body for flexibility.

The Sentinel protects your hands from flying debris, rocks, bushes, branches, and mud. Plus it keeps your hands warmer by blocking the wind in cold weather. In the summer, simply snap out the removable vent cover to let air flow through. The Sentinel Handguard will work with: Sentinel Armor, Gauntlet, Flare, Hand Wrap, Mirror and Large Mirror.

Note: Requires mount kit 34450, 34452, 34454 or 34269.

Sentinel Handguards work with:

  • Sentinel Armor
  • Flare
  • Gauntlets
  • Hand Wrap
  • Mirror/Large Mirror Upgrade

Available Colorspowermadd sentinal handguards

Mirror Kit

Application Listing

Click on application in the list to view more details on the part. All Prices are in Canadien Dollars

Part No. Supplier No. Description
321-34400 Sentinel Handguard - White/Silver @ $58.95(7) Check Stock
321-34401 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Ski-Doo Yellow $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34402 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Polaris Red $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34403 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Kawasaki Green $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34404 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Yamaha Blue $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34405 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - KTM Orange $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34406 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Suzuki Yellow $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34407 Sentinel Handguards, Honda Red/Black @ $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34408 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - White/Black @ $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34410 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Black/Black $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34411 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Black/Charcoal $75.95(7) Check Stock
321-34421 Sentinel Handguard - Blue/White $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34428 Powermadd Sentinel Handguard - Black/White $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34450 Powermadd Sentinel Mounting Kit - Snowmobile $77.95(7) Check Stock
321-34452 Powermadd Sentinel Mounting Kit - ATV/Motocross $75.95(7) Check Stock
321-34454 Powermadd Sentinel Mounting Kit - Snowmobile Hayes Brake (Arctic Cat 2012-15, Polaris Axys 2015, Yamaha Viper 2013-15) $65.95(7) Check Stock
321-34456 Powermadd Sentinel Mounting Kit - Snowmobile Stealth Brake (Arctic Cat 2012-15, Polaris Axys 2015, Yamaha Viper 2013-15) $65.95(7) Check Stock

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