Thermo-Tec thermo-tec cool-fuel jug cover

Thermo-Tec Cool-Fuel Jug Cover

In today’s competitive environment, every detail can make a difference - even the temperature of your fuel. The Cool-Fuel Jug Cover will keep your race fuel cool and improve performance in your engine. Keeping your fuel cool is proven to keep its chemistry intact by preventing breakdown, thus increase performance and longevity.

Available for both square and round 5 gallon jugs, the highly reflective surface reflects radiant heat, solar radiation and harmful UV rays. Protect your fuel at the track, in the truck and in the shop with Thermo-Tec’s Cool-Fuel Jug Cover, which can reduce fuel temperatures by as much as 20° F.

thermo tec Race Fuel Jug Heat Insulator Cooler

Application Listing

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Part No. Supplier No. Description
741-14175 Cool-Fuel Jug Cover - Square 5 gallon jug $76.95(6) Check Stock
741-14176 Cool-Fuel Jug Cover - Round 5 gallon jug $50.95(6) Check Stock

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