Spider Grips slt atv slim line sport grip

Spider Grips SLT ATV Slim Line Sport Grip

Slim Line SLT for ATV, Watercraft and Snowmobiles.

Providing dual layer technology with a vibration damping inner core for riders using thumb throttles. The SLT’s outer gel layer provides a very tacky surface that is easy to hang on to, a small flange that protects your hand, and a closed end to keep out water, snow and mud.

Spider Grips ATV SLT Spider Slim Line

These grips are available in 9 colors; Pink,Green,Graphite,Blue,Titanium,Yellow,Black,Orange, Red 

Vibration Dampening Core

Spider SLT grips are designed with a Vibration Damping Core. This Acoustical Rebound Layer is engineered with a specially shaped core with an innovative boundary layer. This gives you a grip with less vibration at the hand which reduces hand fatigue and arm pump, and also lets you listen to feedback from the machine and tailor your response accordingly.

Traction Gel

Spider SLT grips feature Traction Gel – a specially formulated compound that sheds mud and water so that it stays tacky even when wet making it easier to hold on. This gives better control and less rider fatigue. Just like a competition tire, Traction Gel breaks in and continues to offer top performance throughout the life of the grip. Traction Gel allows flexible placement of wires – put them where you want them.

Grooved Inner Flange

Grooved inner Flange, ideal for safety wire 

Softer Traction Gel

Softer traction gel layer sheds mud and water, increasing gripping power, and reduces vibration for more comfort and less fatigue. 

Acoustical Rebound Core Design

Acoustical rebound core design is engineered with an advanced boundary layer shaped to reflect vibration away from your hand.

Reinforced End Caps

End caps reinforced to improve durability.

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